Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Each day marks a slight change in the march towards winter, and with the colors of the leaves and the dropping temperature, each day is slightly different than the last.  A fresh start to the school year goes hand-in-hand with this.

With this incremental, seasonal change in mind, I invite you this month to have the same perception of the day-to-day changes happening in the development and growth of your child.  Our kids literally grow and change every single day in myriad ways that we often ignore or overlook!  But these small changes can be not only significant, but worth observing, if only to steer or gently influence them towards your family values and lifetime experience.

Consider taking the following challenge…

Create a short ritual with your child every day for a month, where you ask them something along the lines of:

“What’s different about you today?”

“How have you grown or changed since yesterday?

“How are you the same?” (Remember, what stays true for your child over time is just as important as what changes!)

Monitor how their response evolves over the course of the month, and tell me if you are not more in tune with their development, needs, passions, and personality.

Change is incremental, and even on the daily level it’s worth observing.  Especially while we have our children with us in the home.  Take advantage of getting to see them day to day, week to week, and see how much deeper your relationship is by wintertime!

May you have Healthy Chats with your children.


Dr. de Freitas