All parents want the best for their children, and when it comes to talking to them about puberty and sex, this topic is no exception, yet a bit more nerve-racking than most.  Although it may seem that here at Healthy Chats we focus on mothers and daughters, we have not forgotten about our fathers and sons.

Dr. Christopher Miller, a psychologist with a special interest in boys (Boys Institute of Growth) has been with Healthy Chats for several years and presents seminars and health education classes in the same format as Dr. de Freitas.  Here are some valuable tips that he has shared with all of us about talking to your son about puberty and sex.

1-   Have in mind a core principle that you want your son to hear from you.  What are you personal beliefs surrounding this topic?  Make it clear and concise – two to three sentences should be sufficient.

2-   Set aside a special date and go do something fun – just you and your son.

3-   Be prepared.  Take some time to review some of the basic information about puberty.  I’ve included here a link to an excellent blog that will help with this review.


It is never too early – or too late – to start the conversation.  Children learn best in small sound bites so don’t feel that you have to do the whole talk in one setting.

Start the conversation and have a healthy chat with you son.

Happy Father’s Day –


Dr. de Freitas