Back CameraThere is a lot of emphasis nowadays on living in the moment and enjoying every single aspect of life as it is unfolding.  This feeling is shared by many of Oprah’s guests, including Echart Tolle, one of my favorite writers.  Enjoy the present; be like a child who laughs so spontaneously and enjoy every day to it’s fullest.

This is all fine and well, and I must admit it has provided me with a wonderful sense of liberation and acceptance.  Yet, I miss my photos.  I miss taking pictures.

I used to be the queen of the picture taking, to the point of driving my kids crazy in my attempt to document the different aspects of their lives as they were growing up.  Now that they are older, it has certainly slowed down and the intrusiveness of the camera has been replaced by the convenience of the I-Phone.

But I remember last summer, looking through the pictures and reliving once again all those wonderful fun times with the kids.  The kids would laugh and cackle as they saw themselves as different creatures all together during those early years of their lives.  This photo sharing was a recurrent experience that we all looked forward to.

So is there a happy balance to being in the present moment and holding on to memories with our children?  I think there is.  As adults we do have the ability to recall our past experiences, for good and for bad.  But I still strongly believe that children enjoy seeing the photos of the past as memories of their lives.  It shows them the love that families share, events that were memorable and family traditions that mark life’s passage.

At this point in my life, although the picture-taking has slowed down, but the connections remain strong with all our modern gadgets.  We text more, we connect through Facebook and e-mail is ever present.  But I still like the visual of seeing a photo of my family  – all grown up and sharing together.

I am sure all moms do.

Have a safe and wonderful summer.


Dr. de Freitas