We all know there’s Mother’s Day once a year to celebrate the role Moms play in our lives. While there is no Child’s Day…every day is child’s day, perhaps….I want to take this blog post as an opportunity to propose Mother-Daughter Day.  I won’t be writing Hallmark anytime soon to suggest they start a new line of greeting cards, but I will strongly suggest that you celebrate a Mother-Daughter Day of your own, as often as you can manage it: once a year, once a month, even once a week.

This concept is inspired, of course, by my Mother-Daughter seminars, which you can learn more about here.  From over 20 years of experience hosting Mother-Daughter seminars, I can tell you it’s a powerful combination to get this pairing of two females from the same family alone together. It’s even more powerful to combine Mother-daughter pairs, so consider joining forces with family friends if and when you chose to celebrate a Mother-Daughter Day!!



There are a lot of great and flexible things about a Mother-Daughter Day. It can literally last all day; or, ti could just mean

dinner or a few hours one afternoon. All it really has to be is time set aside specifically for just you and your daughter or daughters. You could use this time to talk, but you don’t have to; a fun activity or even just reading books together on the same couch is plenty.

The powerful thing about designating this time, however often you do it, is it sends the message to your daughter loud and clear: You Are Important To Me. Our Time Together Is Important To Me.

And this is true, isn’t it?images-3

This month, and all summer, I encourage you to start this tradition, in whatever way it manifests best for your relationship with your daughter(s).  Cook a meal, go for a walk, take a short trip, get haircuts together, attend a seminar, go to a movie, or just sit around the house. Spending time with your daughter is always, always, always a good investment.

Enjoy your summer,Mother-and-Daughter-2__1268154969_6195-1
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