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Periods, pads, and a promise for a better future for all GIRLS!

This month’s blog post gives a big shout out to Celeste Mergens – the founder of Days for Girls International for her vision and dedication to girls in Kenya and around the world.  Days for Girls International helps provide sustainable hygiene kits to girls in third...

Stand here and think of something you are grateful for!

Stand here and think about something you are grateful for! Recently, I updated the bulletin board at my office with the message “Stand here and think of something you are grateful for!”  I casually left a pen hanging from a string and went on with life.  After a...

Change is hard…change is good!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Each day marks a slight change in the march towards winter, and with the colors of the leaves and the dropping temperature, each day is slightly different than the last.  A fresh start to the school year goes hand-in-hand...

7 Tips for talking to your elementary schoolers about modesty.

Dear Families  - Here is an excellent article that I ran across on a topic that is vital for our girls.  In our over sexualized society, with the media bombarding our girls with images that are not age appropriate, at times I feel we are fighting an uphill battle....

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How to Talk to Kids about Babies, Birth, and Puberty

Tips to foster conversations from toddler to teen

Many parents dread the topics of sex and sexuality. Some avoid “the talk” altogether, hoping that school curriculum or other outside information will reach their children and satisfy their questions and curiosity. Others shy away from certain topics and try to give just enough information to quell the conversation for the moment. But children are born with a natural curiosity about everything, including their bodies.

Fostering healthy conversations about sex and sexuality will empower your child, teach values and ideas that you live by, and give the knowledge and confidence needed to make healthy, informed decisions!