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Kids Meditation CDs

Over the next several months we will be profiling interesting and noteworthy products for kids and pre-teens. We feel that our audience is as selective as we are and we will like to promote health, education and well being for our families. All of us learn with...

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My Daughter, Puberty and Me!

  My eldest daughter was just about to celebrate her first double-digit birthday and changes were happening fast.  There she was: beautiful, healthy and full of spunk.  I could see the beginning of curves and mood swings that clearly pointed to puberty.  “No big deal,...

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What Do You Really Want?

It’s a new year, and everyone’s thinking, to some degree, how can I get what I want this year? Out of life, out of my relationships, out of my career. For parents of teenage girls, a great resolution can be to help them articulate what they really want. It may come as...

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