Healthy Chats Seminar

This seminar is a fun, memorable experience for both mothers and daughters. The  ideal age is for girls between 9 and 11 years old.!


Product Description

A sensitive, yet fun, discussion about Puberty & Growing up for Mothers & Daughters (ages 9-12)

Our Healthy Chats seminars are open to mothers, aunts, grandmothers, step-mothers, mentors, and the treasured girls in their lives. Healthy Chats enables you to take advantage of the physical changes of puberty as an opportunity to learn, share, and be proactive in every aspect of a girl’s life.

Each seminar group must have a minimum of 10 parent/child pairs

Key Topics covered during the Healthy Chats Seminar:

  • Puberty: Changes on the Inside, Changes on the Outside
  • Physical Changes
  • The Story of Birth: Where Babies Come From (the uterus) and How They Get Out (the birth canal)
  • Emotional Changes
  • Growing Up: Freedoms, Responsibilities and Fun
  • Menstruation: Why? When? How?
  • Demonstration of How to Use Feminine Hygiene Products

Upon checkout you will be given the option to choose a date and time for your seminar. We are excited and ready to meet you and the others for some educational and healthy chats. Bookings can be cancelled within 2 days of your checkout/payment completion. Before a payment is taken, a Healthy Chats staff member will approve your proposed seminar date and schedule it accordingly.