The American Girl Publishing Company has launched an updated edition of their book The Care and the Keeping of You – A Body Book for Young Girls and a new book The Care & Keeping of You 2 – The Body Book for Older Girls. –

Their new book, The Care and & Keeping of You 2 – The Body Book for Older Girls – written by Dr. Cara Natterson, a fellow pediatrician, continues with the same supportive tone but expands on the topics for girls who are bit older, say 10 to 13. As always, they have done a superb job.

The basic topics of body health, hygiene, nutrition and self image are expanded upon with great Q & A sections along the way.  The second book references the basic concepts noted in the first  “younger” book but expands further on the different options within each section. This “older” girls book does include the illustrations regarding insertion of tampons, self-breast examination and a more robust section on the emotional aspects of puberty.

Their strength is the more robust information about dealing with the wide range of emotions, tools to build their confidence and adopt a positive self-image.

The AG Book for Young Girls has also had some revisions.  New information regarding healthy eating and food choices has been added and the old inverted pyramid replaced with a more updated guidelines.  The section on eating disorders has been eliminated and the section on Body Talk toned down a bit.  Both very age appropriate updates for the younger age group.

The illustrations in the chapter on menstruation have changed from how to use a tampon to how to use a pad.  Tampons are still mentioned but the primary message is using pads.  I suspect this will be a well received changed for many mothers who may felt uncomfortable introducing tampons at a young 8 to 10 age group.  Way to go!!

As a pediatrician, health educator and mother, these two books and their companion journals are a wonderful resource for our young girls.  I wholeheartedly endorse them!

After all these years of wanting a follow up book, it is finally here!!

Let’s keep our girls healthy!


Dr. de Freitas