If you have recently attended one of our Healthy Chats for Girls seminars you may

remember that I start the introductions by asking mothers “what is your daughter’s strength?” Many moms are surprised but they quickly get the gist of the exercise and the results are just amazing.

Initially I heard words like “sweet”, and “kind”. But I also hear words such as compassionate, artistic, and helper. Once, a mother described her daughter’s strength as her being “resilient,” and the daughter looked stumped. What does it mean to be resilient? The mother explained it to her daughter by saying that she always bounced back with a smile. The young girl just beamed! She probably had no idea that her mother felt that way about her. Seeing her daughter’s reaction brought tears to her mother’s eyes.

These are the moments that I treasure and feel so privileged to be part of.

If you haven’t thought of it lately, take some time to consider what your child’s greatest strengths are. Find ways to bring it into everyday conversations. Here a list to get you started:

Compassionate Musical Kind
Strong Creative Generous
Athletic Confidence
Empathic Determined
Good friend Positive attitude

Please feel free to add this short list. Enjoy the results. They may surprise you.

Take care,

Dr. de Freitas