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Our New Virtual Healthy Chats Workshop

This workshop is a fun, memorable experience for both mothers and daughters! The ideal age is for girls between 9 through 12 years old.

Booking a Healthy Chats Seminars

Please send us an e-mail through the form below and provide us with 2 to 3 potential dates for your group’s workshop. Plan to have a two hour block of time available. We ask that you allow us 2 weeks lead time. We will do our very best to grant you your first choice of date/time for your group’s workshop. Include name, phone number, and total number of attendees (min 20 people = 10 mothers + 10 daughters.)

We will confirm once we have an agreed upon date/time and educator. We look forward to a memorable new interactive Healthy Chats Workshop!


Popular times for a Healthy Chats workshop are Friday evenings (5:30 to 8:00 pm) or Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

At times we can accommodate weekday afternoons especially in these times of ZOOM learning.


A sensitive, yet fun, discussion about

Puberty and Growing

up for Mothers & Daughters (ages 9-12)

Our Healthy Chats seminars are open to mothers, aunts, grandmothers, step-mothers, mentors, and the treasured girls in their lives. Healthy Chats enables you to take advantage of the physical changes of puberty as an opportunity to learn, share, and be proactive in every aspect of a girl’s life.

Each seminar group must have a minimum of 10 parent/child pairs (20 people) 

Key Topics covered during the Healthy Chats Seminar:

  • Puberty: Changes on the Inside, Changes on the Outside
  • Physical Changes
  • The Story of Birth: Where Babies Come From (the uterus) and How They Get Out (the birth canal)
  • Emotional Changes
  • Growing Up: Freedoms, Responsibilities and Fun
  • Menstruation: Why? When? How?
  • Demonstration of How to Use Feminine Hygiene Products
  • All girls leave with a special “growing up bag” to make the event memorable.

We are excited and ready to meet you and your group for an educational and healthy chats. Bookings can be cancelled within 2 days of your scheduled seminar. A Healthy Chats staff member will contact you to confirm your proposed seminar date and schedule it accordingly. The fee is $60 per mother/daughter couple. $30 for additional sibling. Payments are collected at the time of the seminar, although pre-payment to the hostess ensures better attendance. The educator will travel to your home and you will be able to be in contact with her via e-mail.

    Introducing Healthy Chats’

    “The Birds and the Bees with Ease!”

    We are so EXCITED to announce that starting in the summer of 2020 we will be offering an online workshop entitled: The Birds and the Bees with Ease!  This online workshops is for PARENTS of children age 4 to 8 who will like some basic information about how/when/what to tell children about the facts of life.  You will be provided with sample phrases to use and as always, age appropriate information from the American Academy of Pediatrics researched and presented by Dr. de Freitas.  You will prepare yourself for “the talk” and have space to include your values and principles.

    Our seminar is now an online workshop!

    Healthy Chats Online Workshop

    In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not longer able to host in home seminars until further notice.  We want to keep all our families and educators safe and healthy.  In view of this, we have transformed our popular seminar to a virtual online workshop.  It is fun, interactive and follows the same model of the Healthy Chats seminar so well known in our community.  Get your group together, send us a couple of dates/times, and meet us on ZOOM!

    See the “Workshop Requirements” on the Book a Workshop page!