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Healthy Chats for Girls Educator

As you know, having “the talk” with any young child about sex, puberty, birth, and conception can cause anxiety and dread! But with the information provided within the Healthy Chats for Girls® seminar, we can teach any parent how to walk through this conversation feeling confident and secure that they have the information and tools needed to address their child’s needs in a safe and age appropriate manner.

Most mothers need, at the very least, a little brush up about when and how to talk with their daughter about this sensitive topic without overwhelming them. With the Healthy Chats for Girls® model, moms will feel confident and delighted to be able to empower their daughters during this normal and natural stage of their young lives.

As an Educator of the Healthy Chats for Girls program you will:

  • Help other parents be successful in their parenting skills.
  • Generate extra cash to have fun activities in your life.
  • Have access to a well known pediatrician, mother, and author, with over 34 years of experience in the health education field.
  • Become a respected member of your society by helping others with their children.
  • Feel fulfilled by helping others.  Make an impact in the lives of mothers and daughters.

We are currently seeking candidates for our new Healthy Chats Educator Certification program outside the San Diego area only!

If you are interested in bringing the Healthy Chats Program to your community, watch the above webinar and book a call to speak with one of our team members.

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Healthy Chats Educator

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You can potentially make steady part time additional money by providing parents with this basic information and, at the same time, have the rewarding feeling that comes with helping others. Healthy Chats for Girls® is based on 35 years of experience by a Board Certified pediatrician, author, and a mother herself. We will guide you through any questions you may have. You will have access to a physician and a team for P.R. advice that will ensure your success.

If you enjoy socializing either in person or through the various social media available on the Internet, and you want to make extra money or even a full time income helping tweens and their parents, you can do so with this educational, much needed information! Share it with family, friends, and doctors. Once you start teaching the seminars, they literally will sell themselves.

How do I explain conception?

The Birds and the Bees with Ease!

In this FREE e-book, you can set your foundation for talking with your children ages 4 to 12 about birth and conception.

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  • Learn how to craft the ideal message for your family.
  • When should you start the conversation?
  • What should you say at the different ages?
  • How to explain conception and birth.

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