Here is the sample model of the topics to be addressed in the Parenting Class. Too much….yes, it’s overwhelming! So what I’ll try to do is after the first classes we’ll see where everyone is and what are the main concerns that every one has. We can adjust the topics based on what is available from the menu below. This should be FUN and informative. Lots of food for thought and to create a healthy parenting foundation or improve your present one.


Dr. de Freitas is a Certified Breakthrough Parenting Educator.


Lesson 1 : Three Approaches to Raising Children


How to teach children to assume responsibility

How to discipline with influence and teaching instead of endless power struggles


Lesson 2 : Identifying the Source of Behavior

How feelings, thoughts, and needs manifest How to find our balance by moving back to center, both in ourselves as parents and in our children
How to develop compassion in children
How to teach responsibility (thinking, problem solving, and confidence) effectively


Lesson 3 : Helping Children Build a Healthy Self-Esteem

How labels can become self-fulfilling prophecies
How to reinforce good behavior
How to transform children’s mistakes into positive learning experiences that stick


Lesson 4 : Communicating Effectively

A formula for receptive listening that gets children to tell you more, and then creates “teachable moments” where they listen to you intently
How to do easy perception checking to avoid getting stuck in conflict
How to communicate in discipline situations without getting into power struggles
How to develop Assertive communication
How to set boundaries without feeling rude
How to avoid “the blame game” by focusing on what needs to be done to make things right


Lesson 5 : Influencing Your Children Positively

Understanding how children learn
How being Authoritative rather than Authoritarian can greatly reduce your workload
Four leadership styles and when to use each
Misguided parenting methods to avoid
Understanding child abuse and neglect
Problems with punishment
How punishment can backfire
How words can hit as hard as a fist
Effective discipline with less effort by using influence to teach instead of using punishment.
How to teach children to take responsibility from a young age
Creating clear Agreements that actually work
When to use different kinds of Agreements
Using Natural and Logical Consequences instead of “Punishment Consequences”
Handling Temper Tantrums in Toddlers, Teens, and Adults
How to set boundaries without feeling “rude”
How to use Timeouts for reflection, not punishment


Lesson 6 : How Children Think

Understanding how Play Is A Child’s Work
How children think in the ‘now’
Why children think in ‘black and white’ until puberty
Magical thinking (when children think they are responsible for all bad things in the family)
Appreciating your children’s multi-faceted mind beyond just “math” and “language” skills
Using multiple senses to learn more effectively


Lesson 7 : How To Help Your Child Become A Responsible Adult

Understanding the six stages children need to go through to become responsible, capable, “can do” adults
How children can get stuck in the ‘me, me, me’ or ‘people pleaser’ etc. stages well into adulthood


Lesson 8 : How To Reduce Stress and Resolve Family Conflicts Quickly and Effectively

15 specific and very powerful techniques for stress reduction
The common misunderstandings behind many conflicts Four effective strategies for resolving conflict
Using proper timing for more effective conflict resolution
Avoiding the Victim Trap
When to get outside help
How to build closeness in families


Lesson 9 : Talking About Sensitive Subjects

The many sensitive subjects beyond ‘the elephant in the living room’
How to talk about sensitive subjects
‘You are as sick as your secrets’
Seven important guidelines for talking about sensitive subjects
Understanding how teenagers see and think differently
How to deal with serious issues for teens
How to protect children from their innocence
How to talk with children about drug abuse, alcoholism, cults, internet dangers, divorce


Lesson 10 : Living A Self-Actualized Life

How to help children set goals and live consciously
How to teach teenagers about life-altering choices
How to teach children to make wise decisions
Understanding the consequences of different kinds of choices
How ‘not choosing’ is also a choice
How to break through to living at your highest potential, and with lasting satisfaction