Healthy Parenting For the Millennial Family ONLINE Masterclass


Power struggles.

Too much screen time.

Need more structure?

Why does my child behave this way?

Is this normal?


These are some of the topics that I hear parents struggling with? Perhaps you did have enough time to review with your provider during your child’s well check up. I know we always seem rushed. Here is your opportunity to review in this course some of the above topics and many more. This parenting course is for parents of children ages 1 to 12. Do you want to also learn about the Healthy Chats puberty education? Well, the Healthy Chats seminar will also be included. In addition, I, (Dr. de Freitas) will share with you the many, many parenting tips that I’ve cultivated and used over her many years of being a pediatrician. You will have 1:1 hour long personal consultation with me. See below all that will be included in the Healthy Parenting Online Course.






Module 1 

In this module, I’ll review the WHY of parenting.  Remembering our family of origin, and the different parenting styles will allow us to better parent. 

There will be a short quiz to take to help you better identify your parenting style.  Are you compatible with your child?? Are your expectations based on your parenting style getting in the way of a fruitful relationship with your child? 

After each module, there will be a parenting pearl to follow up.  We will also provide you with some follow-up worksheets which you can use for your own hsitory.  

Understanding the underlying basic needs that all of us human being have will give you clarity into your child’s behavior. 

Once we can see what the need is behind the behavior, then by addressing the need we can better handle the behavior. 

This topic is invaluable when it come to the tween years.  Who knew that the basic needs change from one stage of development to the other! 

Now that we have some basic, let’s review parenting techniques to help us get through the day.  How to listen better, getting chores done, 

routines to make family life easier.  How to get children to cooperate. 


Here will be a short review of the different reasons why children misbehave.  We have an enormous opportunity to 

understand our children and hence prevent future delinquency, family conflicts, and power struggles. 

Parenting is a time during we all have an opportunity to grow as individuals. 

No parenting course will be complete without addressing siblings relationships.  Even if your child is an only child, have the capacity to share, show empathy, and get along with others is invaluable. Understanding our child’s temperament and our own can influences these relationships too.  

Parenting skills for a lifetime.  Amongst the many topic we will include rewards, encouragement vs praise, prevent entitlement, and logical consequences. 

In this module we will be reviewing those sensitive topoics such as how to talk to young children about sex.  What to say and how much to say according to your child’s age.   All age appropriate information based on the American Academy of Pediatrics.  In this module I will also review all the information included in the Healthy Chats for Girls seminar.  

For the families with young child there will be a section in preparing for a doctor’s visit. 

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