As many of you know I have I have recently retired from primary care pediatrics. Covid 19 and family obligations have made the decision unavoidable and the right one for me at this time of life. I’ll miss all of you, my patients, the kids terribly. Hence, I’ve been searching for way to stay connected.

This had lead me to start on line parenting course along with a membership subscription as a way to stay connected and share parenting advise. Please be aware, this is everyday parenting advise for families fo children ages 1 to 12 years old.

This parenting course comes with my years of experience addressing everyday behavior and family concerns surrounding parenting.


Hence the name Healthy Parenting which fits nicely into Healthy Chats.

This course is for families with children age 1 to age 12 years of age. Here is the link to the topics to be covered in the Healthy Parenting Course.

I searched for good models and will soon be certified to present this well established parenting education course on line. This consists of a 10 week course 2 hours per week. I’m in the process of being certified as a Parenting Coach and looking forward to this adventure.

After the Healthy Parenting Course, you will have the option of a membership subscription as a way to stay connected review questions/concerns about anything parenting. Join me as a founding member and your monthly subscription fee will remain the same as long as you remain a member in good standing. If I launch or open the subscription and the price goes up, your initial subscription price will not be affected.

The following is a flexible working model of what would be provided in the subscription membership:

A monthly subscription membership will provide you with the following:

Dr. de Freitas will share monthly a series of parenting tips.  Treasured tips collected after many many years of being a pediatrician.

Bring to the group your month parenting challenge and we’ll provide you with options and solutions but above all support. 

If you are in the first group of the founding membership, you monthly fee will never change.  The membership will close after the first launch and may reopen quarterly.

We will have a private face book group only for those who have taken the course.   This will provide us all with a community of like minded parents to offer support and encouragement.

I will provide updates of what’s happening in the pediatric world.  Be aware that this is a work in progress.  More ideas may come along.