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The talk…

What do I tell my child?

Do you ever wonder when is a good time to give “the talk”

What do I need to be ready?

A pediatrician, author, health educator and mother of three, Dr. de Freitas provides age appropriate information on talking to your child (age 4 – 12) about

the birds and the bees!

This information is guided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Perhaps you are expecting an new baby and your pre-schooler wants to know how did the baby get in there?

One girl whispering to another


You be the authority for your children!  Don’t let others do it for you.


Add your own values and principles as you speak about this sensitive topic with your children.

I consider myself a very open parent, yet when it came to this topic I must admit I needed a little help.  How much is too much? When is the right time?  Dr. de Freitas’ simple, concise e-book helped a ton!

Heather R. 


The Birds and the Bees with Ease!

E- book

Review age-appropriate information for children ages 4 to 12 years of age.