Testimonial….we are so proud!

Dear Antoinette –

I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for an amazing chat! All moms were extremely happy and very pleased with the contents of the seminar, not only it was super information but very nicely presented!

Your professionalism, warmth and kindness filled up the room at all times. You truly made this event a unique, special and memorable experience for moms & girls.

Our daughters are now on the way to a great start! Thank you and Dr. de Freitas for these “Healthy Chats.”




Thank you Healthy Chats and Dr. de Freitas!

My daughter is blooming earlier than her age might allow her to comprehend the physical changes she faces. This is the best video I’ve watched. Dr. de Freitas breaks down each step of metamorphosis that a young girl will phase into womanhood, with an easy, safe, and common sense approach of the amazing changes that our body makes. It was accurate, friendly, and a very wholesome explanation of the changes to come. The values and core beliefs my family relies on were supplemented by Dr. de Freitas’ conversation with mothers and daughters of how sacred our female body is. Respect, Care, and Love combined with common sense physical change was very easy for my 10 year old to understand. We watched the conception video and this was nicely put together. Thank you for providing an excellent and caring source of material for the next generation. I shared this with a single father who fell in love with the video and will be gifting this to his daughter so they can have a “Heathy Chats.”