Testimonial….we are so proud!

Dear Antoinette,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such an amazing afternoon with our girls on Sat! I really appreciate you coming to talk to us and feel like it went great! It was so helpful and both my daughter and I will hold that special day in our hearts forever. I look forward to doing this again next year when my younger daughter is in 5th grade.
Thank you so much!
All the best,
Karen K
Jan. 2020

Dear Antoinette –

I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for an amazing chat! All moms were extremely happy and very pleased with the contents of the seminar, not only it was super information but very nicely presented!

Your professionalism, warmth and kindness filled up the room at all times. You truly made this event a unique, special and memorable experience for moms & girls.

Our daughters are now on the way to a great start! Thank you and Dr. de Freitas for these “Healthy Chats.”



Thank you Healthy Chats and Dr. de Freitas!

My daughter is blooming earlier than her age might allow her to comprehend the physical changes she faces. This is the best video I’ve watched. Dr. de Freitas breaks down each step of metamorphosis that a young girl will phase into womanhood, with an easy, safe, and common sense approach of the amazing changes that our body makes. It was accurate, friendly, and a very wholesome explanation of the changes to come. The values and core beliefs my family relies on were supplemented by Dr. de Freitas’ conversation with mothers and daughters of how sacred our female body is. Respect, Care, and Love combined with common sense physical change was very easy for my 10 year old to understand. We watched the conception video and this was nicely put together. Thank you for providing an excellent and caring source of material for the next generation. I shared this with a single father who fell in love with the video and will be gifting this to his daughter so they can have a “Heathy Chats.”



Healthy Chats testimonials


My daughter and I attended an HC seminar this fall. As I a nurse at the hospital and had heard a lot about the program throughout the years. It was finally my turn.

Word has gotten around that the Healthy Chats was a sex talk class and it is definitely NOT. It is a bonding experience between mother and daughter.

Yes, the topic of conception is approach in a kind, comfortable, age appropriate manner….beautifully. It took a total of 5 mins! The rest is a bonding experience you want to make sure you and your daughter don’t miss out on.   The educators are kind and matter of fact with reassurance and open to questions. The props were amazing!!


RN at Scripps La Jolla NB Nursery



Thank you,…it was such a wonderful and informative evening, and I will definitely be bringing my second oldest daughter in a few years.  What you do and share really does make a difference in the world and certainly in the lives of young girls!!

With Gratitude,





Thank you! I was so glad my daughter and I attended your “Healthy Chats” talk. It was such a wonderful bonding experience for both of us…my daughter said after that she ‘felt better about talking to me about all the puberty STUFF!’.

For me, I loved how you really listened to the girls, and catered your talk to what you felt they were ready to hear. Your analogies and the way you explained all of the intimate parts of puberty was so well done.

I can’t thank you enough!!



Hi Healthy Chats Educator,

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing your Healthy Chats seminar was for both my daughter & I.  You have such a special way with the girls that makes an uncomfortable topic open and beautiful.  Since your chat, I feel a closer bond with my daughter that I will cherish always.  All moms and daughters should take your seminar!  I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom, thoughtfulness and thoroughness.

Many thanks,

Tiffany & Cambria




To HC Educator,

I wanted to let you know that Ashley and I enjoyed your seminar very much.  As a mom, I was a little worried on how the information would be presented.  I have to say that I wish every young lady and her mother can attend your seminar.  It is a great opening to the continual conversation I shall have with my daughter.

Thank you again,






Thank you once again for a wonderful evening for both our daughters and us mothers!  You are performing a wonderful service, and have provided us a wonderful start to many more positive conversations with our daughters.





Dear Educator –

I can’t thank you enough for the seminar yesterday afternoon for Nicole and I.  It was a very special afternoon and a very special topic that you explained just perfectly.  You made the “subject” easy for the girls to understand while taking the awkwardness out of it.  It is a day Nicole and I will treasure forever.






I cannot thank you enough for the amazing experience.  I was so impressed with all the details you’ve thought of and the beautiful way all the information was presented.  I thought I had taught my daughter most everything she needed to know and was surprised by the things I had overlooked.

Thank you again,




We so thoroughly enjoyed our evening with you.

The information was very clear and concise and I so appreciate how you approached the different subjects.

Arielle and I feel so much closer and more connected now… and oh how I appreciate that.


Dear HC Educator –


Thank you so much for the e-mail.  I had wanted to get in touch with you to let you know how wonderful we all thought the seminar was.  The girls really seemed engaged and interested.  Daniela said she learned a lot.  I know I learned a few things, too.  What all of the mothers thought was that you did an amazing job presenting the information, both visually and verbally. It definitely opened up the lines of communication with our daughters and that is very important.   I felt that you really treated the girls as adults and I know they always appreciate that.

When my 7 year old reaches the right age, I will definitely be in touch for another Healthy Chats seminar.  I will get some better lighting for you before then!

Thank you again for everything.  It was so worthwhile!

Take care,



Hi –

Have been meaning to commend you for the lovely Growth & Development presentation you gave at Ocean Air school.

Your passion and concern for (our) children was apparent.  You were kind, thoughtful and purposeful.  Honestly, I’ve never heard such a delicate subject presented in such a loving & educational manner.  I wish you’d been around when we were growing up.  Our school district should be grateful to have you.

We were amazed and impressed.  Thank you so much!


Rita and daughter Emma





Thank you so much for your beautiful presentation last night at our home for the girls.  It proved to be a magical evening full of nurturing, love, and understanding for our daughters.  Life gives us so many gifts and who would have ever thought last night’s chat would be one of them.  Thank you for your direction and eloquence.  You helped guide all of us in the right direction.

With warm appreciation,



Feb. 28,


Dear Dr. de Freitas,

My daughter’s Girl Scout troop recently came to one of your seminars and enjoyed it thoroughly. The girls learned so much about their bodies in a warm and caring environment. I’m sure it’s an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.  The element that impressed me the most was the camaraderie you inspired. I loved how you made sure the girls knew how lucky they were to have moms who would bring them to a seminar like this, moms who cared about them being comfortable with the changes going on in their bodies.

In turn, you created this community of women welcoming these girls into the next stage of their lives. When the girls left, I felt sure they knew they could turn to their mothers, or any other woman they are close to, and ask for information. It almost felt like a rite of passage.

Attending your seminar proved to be one of the best gifts I could give my daughter. She left feeling confident and comfortable with her body and sexuality.

Thank you,

Patricia Buckley



Thank you again for coming and giving the Healthy Chat in my home.  You truly do a wonderful job and it is very obvious how much time you have taken over the years to make this presentation what it was!

It was funny that the article you sent is about the pre-teen moodiness.  Oh my, how that has started!  I keep telling my husband this is very normal, but he grew up with two brothers and no cousins and many times just doesn’t believe me.  I laughed to myself during the parts of your presentation in regards to mood changes.  I thought he should be here listening to this.  Thank you.  I will be sharing the article with him.

Thank you,

Missy C.

I don’t have the words to tell you how much we enjoyed your healthy chats seminar.  I have been telling every mother I know that it should be a required event for all mothers and daughters.  Your presentation is put together in such a way that the girls learned and absorbed much more than they would from a class or even their own moms.  I have been telling every mother I know that this is a MUST DO event.

Thanks again,



My daughter and I both really enjoyed the talk you gave.  I know she took home a positive message and I was very happy with the information and the way it was presented.  As you spoke, she would half-form a question in her mind and your next slide or prop would be the answer to that question.  The organization, pace, props and slides were great, but your insights into the girls made it even better.

Thanks so much,


Dear HC Educator,

Lauren and I truly enjoyed our Sunday seminar with you.  You explained everything so easily, and so sweetly.  My daughter and I talked the whole way home, and she had so many questions, that she now felt comfortable talking to me about.  While I initially thought that the seminar price was a bit high, I drove home thinking that it was the best money I’ve ever spent, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I’ve passed your information on to my friends, and know they will be as thrilled as we were, to be a part of this life-changing discussion with their daughters.

Thanks again!

Dawn P.


Dear HC Educator,

Thank you so much for coming out and speaking to our girls.  The information you provided is invaluable and the timing was perfect since some of these girls are in the throes of puberty.  My daughter was very quiet but I know she absorbed a lot.  She has been in denial even though I have talked to her about puberty several times.  It really helped for her to see and hear how puberty affects other girls as well and to hear how other women (aside from her mother who doesn’t seem to know anything) have handled difficult situations in the past.  I think this seminar helped her to feel not so alone.  You also gave the girls some great tips on how to handle difficult situations that may arise in the future.

I am very grateful that we have someone like you in the community to help us moms and our daughters!

Thank you again,


April 13,


Dr. de Freitas’s educational session for young girls was amazing. Her soft spoken style and delivery method made the girls AND moms comfortable with all the material presented and created an opportunity for open, honest dialogue long after the session was over. I highly recommend Dr. de Freitas as the healthy resource of choice for the facts about girls becoming the best women they can be. She’s the best!”


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