When Should I Start The Conversation With My Children

As a general rule, the earlier you can start the conversation, the easier it will be!  Remember that children don’t have the same perspective as we adults. Many children have a natural curiosity by age 4 or 5.

How much should I say? Will I overwhelm my child with too much information?

At each age, there is basic information about human sexuality that a child should understand and comprehend. Therefore, a review of guidelines for age-appropriate information should be useful.

By age five, most children should have some basic concepts about the following topics. They should:

  • Know the correct name for their body parts, including genitals.
  • Understand the simple basics about where babies come from; that is, from the mother’s womb or uterus.
  • Be aware of the concept of personal privacy while dressing or using the bathroom. In particular, five-year-olds should understand the difference between “secret” and “private.”
  • Be comfortable talking with parents or a trusted adult about the subject of sex.
  • Have good self-esteem concerning their female or male identity.