teacher talking to a group of parents

Teaching Puberty Class

Puberty Classes are Crucial for our Tweens and Parents – 5 Keys To Remember

1- Knowledge is Power

Puberty classes are vital for tweens and their parents because it helps them understand and navigate the changes their bodies are going through. Puberty education can help children develop healthy relationships with their own bodies and with others. In addition, puberty education can help prevent teenage pregnancies and STDs. I remember myself, being chastised as a young teen about not getting pregnant. When in fact, I barely understood how babies were made. In fact, I remember being offended that my mother thought I was capable of such behavior being a good catholic girl. I am still waiting for “the talk!”

2- Don’t hesitate to start as early as possible.

The earlier we start with the educational process the easier it is. You will not spoil their innocence, you will avoid ignorance and having them seek the information or hear about it elsewhere, like on the playground. This is how misconceptions and misinformation get started. The lack of information is what places our teens at risk for unwanted pregnancies, and emotional turmoil. Be proactive with puberty classes.

3- Parents Become the Authority

Puberty can be a confusing and overwhelming time for children, which is why it is so important that they receive puberty education early on. This education is best started at home. in our society, most mothers take on this task but it can also be shared with the father.

During this time, it is important to explain the changes that will be happening to their bodies in an age-appropriate way. Boys need to know what happens to girls and girls need to know the changes that boys will be experiencing too.

4- A Good Review of the Physical and Emotional Changes

There are not only physical changes but It is also crucial to talk about the emotions they may be feeling and how to deal with them in a healthy way. Many times we parents don’t remember the details of puberty. After all, it was so many years ago. This is why it is vital to seek community classes that can help parents review the age-appropriate information. Not only will this help the parent be more comfortable in talking about these changes but can also open up communication between parent and child. This is also a good time to review the basic concepts of birth and conception.

5- Locating age-appropriate basic puberty education?

Many of the classes are offered with both tweens and parents present. This way the classes can serve as a door opener for future conversations. If you are lucky to have a “Healthy Chats” program in your community, the 3-hour seminar will become a memorable bonding experience.  A bonding experience between tween and parent. Other venues to seek puberty classes include your health care provider. Many times there is not enough time during a routine check-up to include all the changes associated with puberty.  Attending separate sessions is always best.

So in summary, puberty education is crucial for both boys and girls. It is important for tweens to understand that they are not alone in experiencing these changes. They need to know that it is natural and normal to feel the emotions they are experiencing. Above all hearing from a parent will set the path for future and potentially more complicated conversations.

For more information on the availability of Puberty Classes, speak to your health care provider.    Request that they provide these resources to your community.

At Children’s Primary Care Medical Group we will be initiating Healthy Chat for Tweens and Parents, for both girls and boys.

Please let any comments or further information that you will like to receive regarding puberty classes.