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Weight Gain in Puberty

Weight will slow down after puberty. Weight Gain During Puberty? If you're a mother of a tween, or if you're going through puberty yourself, you may be worried about weight gain. It's normal to feel concerned - after all, gaining weight during puberty can seem like it's [...]

Siblings Friends or Foes?

Siblings Friends or Foes? Sibling rivalry relationships can be some of the most challenging in the world. But they can also be some of the most rewarding. By understanding the dynamics of these relationships and learning how to effectively manage them, you can help your children develop into healthy, [...]

The Best Parenting Style

The Best Parenting Style The Best Parenting Style Which is the Best Parent According to Science.   Science suggests different parenting styles and certain child-rearing methods are better than others when it comes to raising well-adjusted, self-sufficient children. I believe it certainly wasn’t my father’s parenting way.  [...]

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